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General Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Please use our new online appointment booking platform for non-urgent/routine follow-up issues.  If you do not find a suitable appointment online, or the issue is of a more urgent nature, please call us 905-884-7711, or email however, all emergencies should be directed to 911 or your nearest hospital emergency department.

Who can see the information in my medical record?

Information in your personal health record is kept confidential, and is accessible by your physician, the other medical providers in our clinic, and by the administrative staff.  Select information is shared with other medical facilities (specialists, hospitals, imaging and blood labs, etc.) as needed to facilitate your care (i.e. to generate referrals and order tests).  Health information is also shared when requested with other third parties such as lawyers, insurance companies, employers, family members, etc., however only with the patient/guardian’s express written consent (except in specific circumstances when separate consent is not required due to legal statute e.g. The Workplace Safety and Insurance Act)

How can I access my personal medical health record?

If you are looking for individual items (i.e. a test result), please ask the front desk, however be aware that depending on the individual circumstance, they may be required to first obtain authorization from your doctor.  For full chart requests (or a significant portion of the chart), we require a written request for release of records including signed consent. Please be aware that any copies of chart items may result in a fee.

What is a family health organization (FHO)?

Ultimate Health is a FHO.  This is a health care model created by the Ministry of Health which groups our five physicians together and promotes more comprehensive patient care. As a patient enrolled to our FHO, you have access to Saturday and evening hours, and we facilitate cross coverage when your doctor is away.  

Do you operate as a walk-in clinic?

Generally speaking, we are not a walk-in clinic and services should be accessed on a booked appointment basis.

Can I go to another clinic (walk-in) , if I am part of your FHO?

Because you are enrolled with a FHO, the Ministry of Health encourages you to try when possible to keep your medical care with our clinic.  The Patient Enrolment form signed by enrolled patients states: “I agree to contact my family doctor … when I … need primary care medical advice or treatment.  I promise to do this unless there is an emergency or I am travelling away from home.” Please call Ultimate Health first, and we will accommodate or direct you as best we can.

Can my child be seen in your clinic if he/she has a pediatrician?

Children may be enrolled to a family physician while under care of a pediatrician.  We ask that you contact the pediatrician’s office first if medical care is needed.  

If my doctor is away , can I see another doctor in your clinic?

 For enrolled patients, in the event that your doctor is away or otherwise unavailable and you require medical care that can not wait until her/his return, we will do our best to accommodate or direct you based on the individual circumstances.  This may include offering an appointment with another physician in our group,  directing you to an urgent care facility or hospital, or other instructions provided by our physician.

Do you provide any services that are not covered by OHIP?

Some services offered at the clinic are not covered by OHIP, examples include: travel clinic consultation, some vaccinations, massage therapy, completion of forms, notes, and medical certificates.

What services you provide in your clinic?

We have five physicians in family practice, but also offer a travel clinic for pre-travel immunization and advice. View our services page for more details.

Anti-Harassment Policy

Ultimate Health Medical Centre is a place of mutual respect for staff, patients, visitors, physicians and volunteers.

Acts of aggression, intimidation, or harassment and/or use of inappropriate language will not be tolerated.

Any person who uses threatening or offensive behaviour in any manner (whether written, verbal, physical, or any other way) to any member of staff or doctors at this practice will be removed from the premises, and may be removed from the practice.

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