Our Services

Family Practice

We are here to provide the whole family with the best possible healthcare. Our team of doctors  offer all the support and encouragement you need to feel right at home.

Travel Clinic

Pre-travel consultation and vaccination services.

Migraine Clinic

Consultation and treatment options for chronic headache and migraine

Cosmetic Botox

Medical consultation and administration of cosmetic botox

Family Practice

Ultimate Health Medical Centre is home to 6 family physicians. Patients are seen on an appointment basis Monday to Friday.


Dr. Brian Aw and his travel medicine team offer pre-travel consultation and vaccination.

Migraine Clinic

Ultimate Health Medical Centre helps eliminate or reduce the frequency, severity and duration of migraine attacks while reducing the level of disability in the case of future attacks.

Cosmetic Botox 

Medical consultation and administration of cosmetic botox is available with Dr. Mahgol Javanmard and team.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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Patient Inquiries: admin@ultimatehealthmedical.ca

Email Services available for patients of Drs. Aw, El Seisi, Ghobreyal, Javanmard, and Lam | (Please note that patient emails are accepted from Mondays at 8:00am to Fridays at 4:00pm)

General Office hours:

Mon-Thu 8:30am-8:00pm

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