*Covid vaccines are NOT available at the clinic at this time*

*At this time, family Physicians have no ability to fast-track vaccination for patients*

As of March 22, 2021 those 60 years of age and older may book vaccine appointments. Please see the following resources for up to date Covid Vaccine appointment information and booking:





Have vaccine related questions?, please check these links and the Q&A below:





Vaccine shopping:  Don’t do it.  This is a public health emergency and a race against time.  Take the vaccine that is offered to you when your priority group comes up.

Is the Astra Zeneca vaccine not as good as the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine? Data from the preliminary studies show almost 100% efficacy towards saving lives and keeping people out of hospital with all 3 vaccines.

Is the Astra Zeneca vaccine not as effective as the Pfizer/Moderna vaccines against the variants of concern?  This is a moving target so this advice is based on the best information we have at this time (March 13, 2021).  Given the predominant variant of concern is the UK strain in Ontario, all 3 vaccines still offer good protection against this variant.  The South African and Brazilian (data pending) variants reduce the efficacy of all 3 vaccines with the Astra Zeneca vaccine most affected; however, these variants are not the predominant strains that we are currently seeing here in Ontario. The United Kingdom has used Pfizer/Moderna and Astra Zeneca (Oxford) readily and have dramatically reduced their cases due to an aggressive vaccine campaign amongst circulating variants. 

Is a booster vaccine after the primary series likely?  The reality is like the flu shot a booster shot for everyone will be given again after your primary series to account for any circulating variants down the road, so roll up your sleeves and get the first vaccine offered to you to deal with the «NOW» as «later» will come into play for all regardless. 

Is one vaccine safer than the others?  Around 200 million doses and counting have been given in Canada, USA, UK, and Europe to date and these countries promote an open side effect reporting and monitoring system for you safety. The deaths or serious complications you may have heard about have no significant association with any of these three vaccines to date.   Please check for allergies on the covid vaccine Ontario websites and if immunocompromised on medications or pregnant, make sure to review the timing or permissibility of the vaccine with your healthcare provider. 

After I am vaccinated does life go back to normal?  Yes and no.  Maintain masking and usual distancing/sanitation measures as before as this will keep new variants from propagating in our communities. However, by reducing hospitalization and deaths via mass vaccination, the economy and health care can recover allowing things to open up once again.

We all have a responsibility to keep each other safe.

Your Doctors from the UHMC Medical team,

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